Tuesday, June 3, 2008

SPM is coming

SPM is coming
i think about 130 days away
10 subjects to cover
the last exam i manage to get 4A
off target by 6 km

long journey start with the 1st step
SPM is the destiny
few steps taken
for that few A s

the Physics
the Chemistry
the Biology
remain the mistery
and these remaining days will determine

the BM, History, PI, & Modern Math are my best bet
Add Math, BI & Account still got hope
the 10 subject for the 10 A s

should i get it?
or out of reach
its about choices
these remaining days will determine
how bad do i want it

10 A s is always possible
stay focus & more efforts
study group & determination
my target is 10 A s
never too late
forget the past
moving forward
study, study, latih tubi, & more latih tubi
it is my choice
to turn around the 4 A s to become 10 A s

and not to regret and crying under the tree
i will get the MARA scholarship
for i will further my study in the USA or
i wanna smile sometime in April next year
to get the best result in town
to be the best that i can be
to be the proud of MRSM KP

SPM is coming!!
YES !!